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A Miracle in Glass & Metal At 2I42 Community Chruch

By Mary E. Kremposky, Associcate Editor

A Brighton church’s conversion of an industrial building into a contemporary house of worship almost borders on the miraculous. Slice new windows into an existing pre-engineered building, construct a new addition with two towers, add a playful cluster of brightly colored metal containers for children, and a new community church is born. What can be simply stated was difficult to build. Butcher & Butcher Construction Co. Inc., working in league with its glass division, B&B Glass, served as the project’s single-source glass, sheet metal and roofing contractor. The B&B team hammered out an endless series of custom details to piece together much of this appealing and unconventional façade. Thanks to B&B, the building is as watertight as Noah’s ark.


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