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This custom residential project features 20,000 sq. ft. of #1 Blue Label, CCA Treated, Certi-Last medium hand-split cedar shakes, installed with all copper flashings. In addition to the cedar roofing, B&B also installed  a 5,000 sq. ft., 2-layer, modified bitumen flat roof, with a Weather Wood granular cap sheet.

The project also included custom fabricated and custom curved copper standing seam roof panels. These panels are a double lock standing seam with concealed clips fastened to the wood deck. Onsite machinery allowed us to form and curve each panel to exact lengths and radius degrees for a perfect 1-piece continuous length copper panel.

With custom swooping valleys, large turret saddles, swooping barrel roofs, and thousands of feet of general flashing details, our crews worked long hours to see everything was properly fitted and soldered.

Flat roofing technicians installed the 2-layer flat roofing and the intricate waterproofing details at the terrace locations. A raised pedestal system was skillfully installed to provide custom patio areas. Final items such as gutter installations and roofing the pool house completed this entire project for B&B.

Butcher & Butcher is a certified installer by the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau and is ready to create the cedar masterpiece you've been dreaming of. This gorgeous home is the perfect showcase to highlight the variety of services we provide and the dedication to quality we bring to each and every project.


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